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     The Midwest Academic & Resilience Cloud Computing Consortium (MARC3) is a non profit group of  colleges, universities and industry partners investigating all aspects of Critical Infrastructure (e.g. CYBER SECURITY, Energy, Waste, Water, Telecommunications, Financial, Education etc..) resilience-sustainability, and the impact on same through the leveraging  of cloud computing infrastructure. The goal of our members is to make MARC3 a regional-national hub of academic and industry expertise/excellence in resilience-sustainability best practices across all critical infrastructure. Proper use of cloud technology will improve resilience against natural/manmade catastrophe, in addition to enhancing sustainability of the local-regional-national-global economy. MARC3will continue its stewardship of fostering creative thought leadership through the collaboration of its diverse membership makeup including enterprise, small-midsize business, academia, and government.  

       Job creation, and economic prosperity is an immediate focus of MARC3. We are seeing measurable results(Created Thousands of Jobs, and Tens of Millions of Dollars in Savings) from a sustainable effort underway (underwritten by MARC3) to better synchronize-align (continuously changing) business requirements, with local-regional-national universities & community colleges. Economic sustainability can be realized through “Onshore Sourcing” driven through these educational institutions. Participating organizations can realize significant savings over their existing process of workforce acquisition, while enhancing the overall synchronicity of  business-technology requirements for participating enterprise, schools, and the thousands of Small Midsize Business (SMB) within the school districts.

          We continue to find new areas of opportunity for job creation including those that for years have formed the “Back Bone of The U.S. Economy”, and today serve as the critical lynchpin for the seamless operational sustainability of all commerce over the internet. Commercial Truck Driving, and all aspects that focus on Highway Transportation Safety, and Security are a strategic, and critical focus of our efforts.       

       We welcome an opportunity to discuss thoughts on how your firm might participate in enhancing what we are doing, while shortening the cycle time of getting it done



Upcoming Meeting

Location: Washington D.C.

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Nationwide, all companies (cross-industry) dependent on commercial trucking are having “Great” difficulty obtaining commercial truck driver candidates. All across-the-board incentives are found to be Seriously Lacking.


·         As the economy improves, all firms dependent on truck transportation will have mounting issues with moving products as there will be greater demand on commercial truck capacities (all) dependent on a continually shrinking supply of drivers.


·         The cost of turnover for carriers is continually increasing where the average cost for driver recruiting is $5,000 per driver. Shortage of commercial truck drivers in 2015 was approximately 50,000 that would peg the cost of recruitment alone at $250 million dollars. This cost is aside from the economic/safety/security domino repercussions as it forces trucking fleets to move more product with less manpower.


Key questions include:

Do you own a fleet, and/or Outsource to 3PL providers?

Is there a problem with your Logistics Services? How do you know? When would you know?

What is the business exposure if your products cannot be shipped to your clients?

Can you manage what you don’t measure?

Consequences if you do not prevent costly, image-damaging transportation Hiccups?


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